c-subword-mode is an alias for `subword-mode' in `subword.el'.

(c-subword-mode &optional ARG)

This function is obsolete since 23.2;
use `subword-mode' instead.

Toggle subword movement and editing (Subword mode).
With a prefix argument ARG, enable Subword mode if ARG is
positive, and disable it otherwise. If called from Lisp, enable
the mode if ARG is omitted or nil.

Subword mode is a buffer-local minor mode. Enabling it changes
the definition of a word so that word-based commands stop inside
symbols with mixed uppercase and lowercase letters,
e.g. "GtkWidget", "EmacsFrameClass", "NSGraphicsContext".

Here we call these mixed case symbols `nomenclatures'. Each
capitalized (or completely uppercase) part of a nomenclature is
called a `subword'. Here are some examples:

Nomenclature Subwords
GtkWindow => "Gtk" and "Window"
EmacsFrameClass => "Emacs", "Frame" and "Class"
NSGraphicsContext => "NS", "Graphics" and "Context"

This mode changes the definition of a word so that word commands
treat nomenclature boundaries as word boundaries.

key binding
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