c-point is a Lisp macro in `cc-defs.el'.

(c-point POSITION &optional POINT)

Return the value of certain commonly referenced POSITIONs relative to POINT.
The current point is used if POINT isn't specified. POSITION can be
one of the following symbols:

`bol' -- beginning of line
`eol' -- end of line
`bod' -- beginning of defun
`eod' -- end of defun
`boi' -- beginning of indentation
`ionl' -- indentation of next line
`iopl' -- indentation of previous line
`bonl' -- beginning of next line
`eonl' -- end of next line
`bopl' -- beginning of previous line
`eopl' -- end of previous line
`bosws' -- beginning of syntactic whitespace
`eosws' -- end of syntactic whitespace

If the referenced position doesn't exist, the closest accessible point
to it is returned. This function does not modify the point or the mark.