c-lineup-whitesmith-in-block is a compiled Lisp function in `cc-align.el'.

(c-lineup-whitesmith-in-block LANGELEM)

Line up lines inside a block in Whitesmith style.
It's done in a way that works both when the opening brace hangs and
when it doesn't. E.g.:

{ something {
foo; <-> foo; <- c-lineup-whitesmith-in-block
} }
<--> c-basic-offset

In the first case the indentation is kept unchanged, in the
second `c-basic-offset' is added.

Works with: defun-close, defun-block-intro, inline-close, block-close,
brace-list-close, brace-list-intro, statement-block-intro,
arglist-intro, arglist-cont-nonempty, arglist-close, and all in*
symbols, e.g. inclass and inextern-lang.