c-lineup-gnu-DEFUN-intro-cont is a compiled Lisp function in `cc-align.el'.

(c-lineup-gnu-DEFUN-intro-cont LANGELEM)

Line up the continuation lines of a DEFUN macro in the Emacs C source.
These lines are indented as though they were `knr-argdecl-intro' lines.
Return nil when we're not in such a construct.

This function is for historical compatibility with how previous CC Modes (5.28
and earlier) indented such lines.

Here is an example:

DEFUN ("forward-char", Fforward_char, Sforward_char, 0, 1, "p",
doc: /* Move point right N characters (left if N is negative).
On reaching end of buffer, stop and signal error. */)
(n) <- c-lineup-gnu-DEFUN-into-cont
Lisp_Object n; <- c-lineup-gnu-DEFUN-into-cont

Works with: topmost-intro-cont.