c-lineup-C-comments is a compiled Lisp function in `cc-align.el'.

(c-lineup-C-comments LANGELEM)

Line up C block comment continuation lines.
Various heuristics are used to handle many of the common comment
styles. Some examples:

/* /** /* /* text /* /**
* text * text text text ** text ** text
*/ */ */ */ */ */

* text

Free form text comments:
In comments with a long delimiter line at the start, the indentation
is kept unchanged for lines that start with an empty comment line
prefix. The delimiter line is whatever matches the
`comment-start-skip' regexp.

The variable `c-comment-prefix-regexp' is used to recognize the
comment line prefix, e.g. the `*' that usually starts every line
inside a comment.

Works with: The `c' syntactic symbol.