buffer-menu is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `buff-menu.el'.

(buffer-menu &optional ARG)

Switch to the Buffer Menu.
By default, the Buffer Menu lists all buffers except those whose
names start with a space (which are for internal use). With
prefix argument ARG, show only buffers that are visiting files.

In the Buffer Menu, the first column (denoted "C") shows "."
for the buffer from which you came, ">" for buffers you mark to
be displayed, and "D" for those you mark for deletion.

The "R" column has a "%" if the buffer is read-only.
The "M" column has a "*" if it is modified, or "S" if you
have marked it for saving.

The remaining columns show the buffer name, the buffer size in
characters, its major mode, and the visited file name (if any).

See `Buffer-menu-mode' for the keybindings available the Buffer