bookmark-load is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `bookmark.el'.

It is bound to <menu-bar> <edit> <bookmark> <load>.

(bookmark-load FILE &optional OVERWRITE NO-MSG)

Load bookmarks from FILE (which must be in bookmark format).
Appends loaded bookmarks to the front of the list of bookmarks. If
optional second argument OVERWRITE is non-nil, existing bookmarks are
destroyed. Optional third arg NO-MSG means don't display any messages
while loading.

If you load a file that doesn't contain a proper bookmark alist, you
will corrupt Emacs's bookmark list. Generally, you should only load
in files that were created with the bookmark functions in the first
place. Your own personal bookmark file, `~/.emacs.bmk', is
maintained automatically by Emacs; you shouldn't need to load it

If you load a file containing bookmarks with the same names as
bookmarks already present in your Emacs, the new bookmarks will get
unique numeric suffixes "<2>", "<3>", etc.