bibtex-search-crossref is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `bibtex.el'.

(bibtex-search-crossref CROSSREF-KEY &optional PNT SPLIT NOERROR)

Move point to the beginning of BibTeX entry CROSSREF-KEY.
If `bibtex-files' is non-nil, search all these files.
Otherwise the search is limited to the current buffer.
Return position of entry if CROSSREF-KEY is found or nil otherwise.
If CROSSREF-KEY is in the same buffer like current entry but before it
an error is signaled. If NOERROR is non-nil this error is suppressed.
Optional arg PNT is the position of the referencing entry. It defaults
to position of point. If optional arg SPLIT is non-nil, split window
so that both the referencing and the crossrefed entry are displayed.

If called interactively, CROSSREF-KEY defaults to either the crossref key
of current entry or a key matched by `bibtex-cite-matcher-alist',
whatever is nearer to the position of point. SPLIT is t. NOERROR is nil
for a crossref key, t otherwise.