bibtex-find-text-internal is a compiled Lisp function in `bibtex.el'.

(bibtex-find-text-internal &optional NOERROR SUBFIELD COMMA)

Find text part of current BibTeX field or entry head.
Return list (NAME START-TEXT END-TEXT END STRING-CONST) with field name
or entry type, start and end of text, and end of field or entry head.
STRING-CONST is a flag which is non-nil if current subfield delimited by #
is a BibTeX string constant. Return value is nil if field or entry head
are not found.
If optional arg NOERROR is non-nil, an error message is suppressed
if text is not found. If optional arg SUBFIELD is non-nil START-TEXT
and END-TEXT correspond to the current subfield delimited by #.
Optional arg COMMA is as in `bibtex-enclosing-field'.