bib-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `bib-mode.el'.


Parent mode: `text-mode'.

Mode for editing `lookbib' style bibliographies.
Hit RETURN to get next % field key.
If you want to ignore this field, just hit RETURN again.
Use `text-mode' to turn this feature off.

journal papers: A* T D J V N P K W X
articles in books & proceedings: A* T D B E* I C P K W X
tech reports: A* T D R I C K W X
books: A* T D I C K W X


A uthor T itle D ate J ournal
V olume N umber P age K eywords
B in book or proceedings E ditor C ity & state
I nstitution, school, or publisher
R eport number or 'phd thesis' or 'masters thesis' or 'draft' or
'unnumbered' or 'unpublished'
W here can be found locally (login name, or ailib, etc.)
X comments (not used in indexing)

M-x unread-bib appends current entry to a different file (for example,
a file of papers to be read in the future), given by the value of the
variable `unread-bib-file'.
M-x mark-bib marks current or previous entry.
Abbreviations are saved in `bib-mode-abbrev-table'.
Hook can be stored in `bib-mode-hook'.
Field keys given by variable `bib-assoc'.

key binding
--- -------

C-c Prefix Command
RET return-key-bib
ESC Prefix Command

M-` abbrev-mode

C-c C-@ mark-bib
C-c C-u unread-bib

C-M-i ispell-complete-word