auto-revert-buffers is a compiled Lisp function in `autorevert.el'.


Revert buffers as specified by Auto-Revert and Global Auto-Revert Mode.

Should `global-auto-revert-mode' be active all file buffers are checked.

Should `auto-revert-mode' be active in some buffers, those buffers
are checked.

Non-file buffers that have a custom `revert-buffer-function' and
`buffer-stale-function' are reverted either when Auto-Revert
Mode is active in that buffer, or when the variable
`global-auto-revert-non-file-buffers' is non-nil and Global
Auto-Revert Mode is active.

This function stops whenever there is user input. The buffers not
checked are stored in the variable `auto-revert-remaining-buffers'.

To avoid starvation, the buffers in `auto-revert-remaining-buffers'
are checked first the next time this function is called.

This function is also responsible for removing buffers no longer in
Auto-Revert mode from `auto-revert-buffer-list', and for canceling
the timer when no buffers need to be checked.