artist-draw-ellipse-with-0-height is a compiled Lisp function in `artist.el'.

(artist-draw-ellipse-with-0-height X1 Y1 X-RADIUS Y-RADIUS)

Draw an ellipse with center at X1, Y1 and X-RADIUS and Y-RADIUS.

Output is an ellipse, which is a list (END-POINT-1 END-POINT-2 SHAPE-INFO).

END-POINT-1 and END-POINT-2 are two-element vectors on the form [X Y].
SHAPE-INFO is a two-element vector on the form [POINT-LIST FILL-INFO].

POINT-LIST is a list of vectors on the form [X Y SAVED-CHAR NEW-CHAR].
FILL-INFO is a list of vectors on the form [X Y ELLIPSE-WIDTH-ON-THIS-LINE].

The Y-RADIUS must be 0, but the X-RADIUS must not be 0.