archive-mode is an autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `arc-mode.el'.

(archive-mode &optional FORCE)

Major mode for viewing an archive file in a dired-like way.
You can move around using the usual cursor motion commands.
Letters no longer insert themselves.
Type `e' to pull a file out of the archive and into its own buffer;
or click mouse-2 on the file's line in the archive mode buffer.

If you edit a sub-file of this archive (as with the `e' command) and
save it, the contents of that buffer will be saved back into the

key binding
--- -------

e .. f archive-extract

C-d archive-flag-deleted
RET archive-extract
C-n archive-next-line
C-p archive-previous-line
ESC Prefix Command
SPC archive-next-line
- negative-argument
0 .. 9 digit-argument
< beginning-of-buffer
> end-of-buffer
? describe-mode
E archive-extract-other-window
G archive-chgrp-entry
M archive-chmod-entry
O archive-chown-entry
a archive-alternate-display
d archive-flag-deleted
g revert-buffer
h describe-mode
m archive-mark
n archive-next-line
o archive-extract-other-window
p archive-previous-line
q quit-window
r archive-rename-entry
u archive-unflag
v archive-view
x archive-expunge
DEL archive-unflag-backwards
S-SPC scroll-down-command
<down> archive-next-line
<follow-link> mouse-face
<mouse-2> archive-extract
<remap> Prefix Command
<up> archive-previous-line

M-DEL archive-unmark-all-files

<remap> <advertised-undo> archive-undo
<remap> <undo> archive-undo