antlr-superclasses-glibs is a compiled Lisp function in `antlr-mode.el'.

(antlr-superclasses-glibs SUPERS CLASSES)

Compute the grammar lib option for the super grammars SUPERS.
Look in CLASSES for the right grammar lib files for SUPERS. SUPERS is
part SUPER in the result of `antlr-file-dependencies'. CLASSES is the
part (CLASS-SPEC ...) in the result of `antlr-directory-dependencies'.

The result looks like (OPTION WITH-UNKNOWN GLIB ...). OPTION is the
complete "-glib" option. WITH-UNKNOWN is t if there is none or more
than one grammar file for at least one super grammar.

Each GLIB looks like (GRAMMAR-FILE . EVOCAB). GRAMMAR-FILE is a file
in which a super-grammar is defined. EVOCAB is the value of the export
vocabulary of the super-grammar or nil if it is not needed.