antlr-show-makefile-rules is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `antlr-mode.el'.


Show Makefile rules for all grammar files in the current directory.
If the `major-mode' of the current buffer has the value `makefile-mode',
the rules are directory inserted at point. Otherwise, a *Help* buffer
is shown with the rules which are also put into the `kill-ring' for

This command considers import/export vocabularies and grammar
inheritance and provides a value for the "-glib" option if necessary.
Customize variable `antlr-makefile-specification' for the appearance of
the rules.

If the file for a super-grammar cannot be determined, special file names
are used according to variable `antlr-unknown-file-formats' and a
commentary with value `antlr-help-unknown-file-text' is added. The
*Help* buffer always starts with the text in `antlr-help-rules-intro'.