antlr-indent-line is a compiled Lisp function in `antlr-mode.el'.


Indent the current line as ANTLR grammar code.
The indentation of grammar lines are calculated by `c-basic-offset',
multiplied by:
- the level of the paren/brace/bracket depth,
- plus 0/2/1, depending on the position inside the rule: header, body,
exception part,
- minus 1 if `antlr-indent-item-regexp' matches the beginning of the
line starting from the first non-whitespace.

Lines inside block comments are indented by `c-indent-line' according to

Lines in actions except top-level actions in a header part or an option
area are indented by `c-indent-line'.

Lines in header actions are indented at column 0 if `antlr-language'
equals to a key in `antlr-indent-at-bol-alist' and the line starting at
the first non-whitespace is matched by the corresponding value.

For the initialization of `c-basic-offset', see `antlr-indent-style' and,
to a lesser extent, `antlr-tab-offset-alist'.