antlr-file-dependencies is a compiled Lisp function in `antlr-mode.el'.


Return dependencies for grammar in current buffer.
The result looks like (FILE (CLASSES . SUPERS) VOCABS . LANGUAGE)
SUPERS = ((SUPER . USE-EVOCAB-P) ...), and
VOCABS = ((EVOCAB ...) . (IVOCAB ...))

FILE is the current buffer's file-name without directory part and
LANGUAGE is the value of `antlr-language' in the current buffer. Each
EVOCAB is an export vocabulary and each IVOCAB is an import vocabulary.

Each CLASS is a grammar class with its export vocabulary CLASS-EVOCAB.
Each SUPER is a super-grammar class where USE-EVOCAB-P indicates whether
its export vocabulary is used as an import vocabulary.