ange-ftp-copy-files-async is a compiled Lisp function in `ange-ftp.el'.

(ange-ftp-copy-files-async OKAY-P LINE VERBOSE-P FILES)

Copy some files in the background.
OKAY-P must be t, and LINE does not matter. They are here to make this
function a valid CONT argument for `ange-ftp-raw-send-cmd'.
If VERBOSE-P is non-nil, print progress report in the echo area.
When all the files have been copied already, a message is shown anyway.
FILES is a list of files to copy in the form
(from-file to-file ok-if-already-exists keep-date)
(ange-ftp-copy-files-async t nil t '(("a" "b" t t) ("c" "d" t t)))