allout-yank is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.

(allout-yank &optional ARG)

`allout-mode' yank, with depth and numbering adjustment of yanked topics.

Non-topic yanks work no differently than normal yanks.

If a topic is being yanked into a bare topic prefix, the depth of the
yanked topic is adjusted to the depth of the topic prefix.

1 we're yanking in an `allout-mode' buffer
2 the stuff being yanked starts with a valid outline header prefix, and
3 it is being yanked at the end of a line which consists of only a valid
topic prefix.

If these conditions hold then the depth of the yanked topics are all
adjusted the amount it takes to make the first one at the depth of the
header into which it's being yanked.

The point is left in front of yanked, adjusted topics, rather than
at the end (and vice-versa with the mark). Non-adjusted yanks,
however, (ones that don't qualify for adjustment) are handled
exactly like normal yanks.

Numbering of yanked topics, and the successive siblings at the depth
into which they're being yanked, is adjusted.

`allout-yank-pop' works with `allout-yank' just like normal `yank-pop'
works with normal `yank' in non-outline buffers.