allout-process-exposed is a compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.

(allout-process-exposed &optional FUNC FROM TO FROMBUF TOBUF FORMAT START-NUM)

Map function on exposed parts of current topic; results to another buffer.

All args are options; default values itemized below.

Apply FUNCTION to exposed portions FROM position TO position in buffer
FROMBUF to buffer TOBUF. Sixth optional arg, FORMAT, designates an
alternate presentation form:

`flat' -- Present prefix as numeric section.subsection..., starting with
section indicated by the START-NUM, innermost nesting first.
X`flat-indented' -- Prefix is like `flat' for first topic at each
X level, but subsequent topics have only leaf topic
X number, padded with blanks to line up with first.
`indent' (symbol) -- Convert header prefixes to all white space,
except for distinctive bullets.

FUNCTION: `allout-insert-listified'
FROM: region start, if region active, else start of buffer
TO: region end, if region active, else end of buffer
FROMBUF: current buffer
TOBUF: buffer name derived: "*current-buffer-name exposed*"