allout-pre-command-business is a compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.


Outline `pre-command-hook' function for outline buffers.

Among other things, implements special behavior when the cursor is on the
topic bullet character.

When the cursor is on the bullet character, self-insert
characters are reinterpreted as the corresponding
control-character in the `allout-mode-map-value'. The
`allout-mode' `post-command-hook' insures that the cursor which
has moved as a result of such reinterpretation is positioned on
the bullet character of the destination topic.

The upshot is that you can get easy, single (ie, unmodified) key
outline maneuvering operations by positioning the cursor on the bullet
char. When in this mode you can use regular cursor-positioning
command/keystrokes to relocate the cursor off of a bullet character to
return to regular interpretation of self-insert characters.