allout-open-topic is a compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.


Open a new topic at depth DEPTH.

New topic is situated after current one, unless optional flag BEFORE
is non-nil, or unless current line is completely empty -- lacking even
whitespace -- in which case open is done on the current line.

When adding an offspring, it will be added immediately after the parent if
the other offspring are exposed, or after the last child if the offspring
are hidden. (The intervening offspring will be exposed in the latter

If OFFER-RECENT-BULLET is true, offer to use the bullet of the prior sibling.


- Creation of new topics is with respect to the visible topic
containing the cursor, regardless of intervening concealed ones.

- New headers are generally created after/before the body of a
topic. However, they are created right at cursor location if the
cursor is on a blank line, even if that breaks the current topic
body. This is intentional, to provide a simple means for
deliberately dividing topic bodies.

- Double spacing of topic lists is preserved. Also, the first
level two topic is created double-spaced (and so would be
subsequent siblings, if that's left intact). Otherwise,
single-spacing is used.

- Creation of sibling or nested topics is with respect to the topic
you're starting from, even when creating backwards. This way you
can easily create a sibling in front of the current topic without
having to go to its preceding sibling, and then open forward
from there.