allout-old-expose-topic is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.

(allout-old-expose-topic SPEC &rest FOLLOWERS)

Deprecated. Use `allout-expose-topic' (with different schema
format) instead.

Dictate wholesale exposure scheme for current topic, according to SPEC.

SPEC is either a number or a list. Optional successive args
dictate exposure for subsequent siblings of current topic.

A simple spec (either a number, a special symbol, or the null list)
dictates the overall exposure for a topic. Non null lists are
composite specs whose first element dictates the overall exposure for
a topic, with the subsequent elements in the list interpreted as specs
that dictate the exposure for the successive offspring of the topic.

Simple (numeric and null-list) specs are interpreted as follows:

- Numbers indicate the relative depth to open the corresponding topic:
- negative numbers force the topic to be close before opening to the
absolute value of the number.
- positive numbers just open to the relative depth indicated by the number.
- 0 just closes
- `*' completely opens the topic, including bodies.
- `+' shows all the sub headers, but not the bodies
- `-' exposes the body and immediate offspring of the corresponding topic.

If the spec is a list, the first element must be a number, which
dictates the exposure depth of the topic as a whole. Subsequent
elements of the list are nested SPECs, dictating the specific exposure
for the corresponding offspring of the topic.

Optional FOLLOWERS arguments dictate exposure for succeeding siblings.