allout-next-single-char-property-change is an alias for `next-single-char-property-change' in `allout.el'.

(allout-next-single-char-property-change POSITION PROP &optional OBJECT LIMIT)

Return the position of next text property or overlay change for a specific property.
Scans characters forward from POSITION till it finds
a change in the PROP property, then returns the position of the change.
If the optional third argument OBJECT is a buffer (or nil, which means
the current buffer), POSITION is a buffer position (integer or marker).
If OBJECT is a string, POSITION is a 0-based index into it.

In a string, scan runs to the end of the string.
In a buffer, it runs to (point-max), and the value cannot exceed that.

The property values are compared with `eq'.
If the property is constant all the way to the end of OBJECT, return the
last valid position in OBJECT.
If the optional fourth argument LIMIT is non-nil, don't search
past position LIMIT; return LIMIT if nothing is found before LIMIT.