allout-next-sibling-leap is a compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.

(allout-next-sibling-leap &optional DEPTH BACKWARD)

Like `allout-next-sibling', but by direct search for topic at depth.

Traverse at optional DEPTH, or current depth if none specified.

Go backward if optional arg BACKWARD is non-nil.

Return the start point of the new topic if successful, nil otherwise.

Costs more than regular `allout-next-sibling' for short traversals:

- we have to check the prior (next, if traveling backwards)
item to confirm connectivity with the prior topic, and
- if confirmed, we have to reestablish the allout-recent-* settings with
some extra navigation
- if confirmation fails, we have to do more work to recover

It is an increasingly big win when there are many intervening
offspring before the next sibling, however, so
`allout-next-sibling' resorts to this if it finds itself in that