allout-new-exposure is a Lisp macro in `allout.el'.

(allout-new-exposure &rest SPEC)

Literal frontend for `allout-expose-topic', doesn't evaluate arguments.
Some arguments that would need to be quoted in `allout-expose-topic'
need not be quoted in `allout-new-exposure'.

Cursor is left at start position.

Use this instead of obsolete `allout-exposure'.

(allout-new-exposure (-1 () () () 1) 0)
Close current topic at current level so only the immediate
subtopics are shown, except also show the children of the
third subtopic; and close the next topic at the current level.
(allout-new-exposure : -1 0)
Close all topics at current level to expose only their
immediate children, except for the last topic at the current
level, in which even its immediate children are hidden.
(allout-new-exposure -2 : -1 *)
Expose children and grandchildren of first topic at current
level, and expose children of subsequent topics at current
level *except* for the last, which should be opened completely.