allout-listify-exposed is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.

(allout-listify-exposed &optional START END FORMAT)

Produce a list representing exposed topics in current region.

This list can then be used by `allout-process-exposed' to manipulate
the subject region.

Optional START and END indicate bounds of region.

Optional arg, FORMAT, designates an alternate presentation form for
the prefix:

list -- Present prefix as numeric section.subsection..., starting with
section indicated by the list, innermost nesting first.
`indent' (symbol) -- Convert header prefixes to all white space,
except for distinctive bullets.

The elements of the list produced are lists that represents a topic
header and body. The elements of that list are:

- a number representing the depth of the topic,
- a string representing the header-prefix, including trailing whitespace and
- a string representing the bullet character,
- and a series of strings, each containing one line of the exposed
portion of the topic entry.