allout-decorate-item-and-context is a compiled Lisp function in `allout-widgets.el'.

(allout-decorate-item-and-context ITEM-WIDGET &optional REDECORATE BLANK-CONTAINER PARENT)

Create or adjust widget decorations for ITEM-WIDGET and neighbors at point.

The neighbors include its siblings and parent.

ITEM-WIDGET can be a created or converted `allout-item-widget'.

If you're only trying to get or create a widget for an item, use
`allout-get-or-create-item-widget'. If you have the item-widget, applying
:redecorate will do the right thing.

Optional BLANK-CONTAINER is for internal use. It is used to fabricate a
container widget for an empty-bodied container, in the course of decorating
a proper (non-container) item which starts at the beginning of the file.

Optional REDECORATE causes redecoration of the item-widget and
its siblings, even if already decorated in this cycle of the command loop.

Optional PARENT, when provided, bypasses some navigation and computation
necessary to obtain the parent of the items being processed.

We return the item-widget corresponding to the item at point.