allout-copy-exposed-to-buffer is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `allout.el'.

(allout-copy-exposed-to-buffer &optional ARG TOBUF FORMAT)

Duplicate exposed portions of current outline to another buffer.

Other buffer has current buffers name with " exposed" appended to it.

With repeat count, copy the exposed parts of only the current topic.

Optional second arg TOBUF is target buffer name.

Optional third arg FORMAT, if non-nil, symbolically designates an
alternate presentation format for the outline:

`flat' - Convert topic header prefixes to numeric
section.subsection... identifiers.
`indent' - Convert header prefixes to all white space, except for
distinctive bullets.
`indent-flat' - The best of both - only the first of each level has
the full path, the rest have only the section number
of the leaf, preceded by the right amount of indentation.