add-minor-mode is a compiled Lisp function in `subr.el'.

(add-minor-mode TOGGLE NAME &optional KEYMAP AFTER TOGGLE-FUN)

Register a new minor mode.

This is an XEmacs-compatibility function. Use `define-minor-mode' instead.

TOGGLE is a symbol which is the name of a buffer-local variable that
is toggled on or off to say whether the minor mode is active or not.

NAME specifies what will appear in the mode line when the minor mode
is active. NAME should be either a string starting with a space, or a
symbol whose value is such a string.

Optional KEYMAP is the keymap for the minor mode that will be added
to `minor-mode-map-alist'.

Optional AFTER specifies that TOGGLE should be added after AFTER
in `minor-mode-alist'.

Optional TOGGLE-FUN is an interactive function to toggle the mode.
It defaults to (and should by convention be) TOGGLE.

If TOGGLE has a non-nil `:included' property, an entry for the mode is
included in the mode-line minor mode menu.
If TOGGLE has a `:menu-tag', that is used for the menu item's label.