ada-mode is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `ada-mode.el'.


Parent mode: `prog-mode'.

Ada mode is the major mode for editing Ada code.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode `prog-mode' might have run,
this mode runs the hook `ada-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.

key binding
--- -------

C-c Prefix Command
TAB ada-tab
C-j ada-indent-newline-indent-conditional
RET ada-indent-newline-indent-conditional
C-x Prefix Command
ESC Prefix Command
DEL backward-delete-char-untabify
<C-tab> ada-complete-identifier
<S-mouse-3> ada-point-and-xref
<S-tab> ada-untab

C-x n Prefix Command

C-M-a ada-previous-procedure
C-M-e ada-next-procedure

C-c C-a ada-move-to-start
C-c C-b ada-adjust-case-buffer
C-c C-c ada-compile-application
C-c C-d ada-goto-declaration
C-c C-e ada-move-to-end
C-c C-f ada-format-paramlist
C-c TAB ada-justified-indent-current
C-c C-l ada-indent-region
C-c RET ada-set-main-compile-application
C-c C-n ada-make-subprogram-body
C-c C-o ada-goto-parent
C-c C-q Prefix Command
C-c C-r ada-find-references
C-c C-s ada-xref-goto-previous-reference
C-c C-t ada-case-read-exceptions
C-c C-v ada-check-current
C-c C-y ada-create-case-exception
C-c ESC Prefix Command
C-c 5 Prefix Command
C-c : ada-uncomment-region
C-c ; comment-region

C-x n d ada-narrow-to-defun

C-c 5 C-d ada-goto-declaration-other-frame

C-c C-M-y ada-create-case-exception-substring

C-c C-q c ada-change-prj
C-c C-q d ada-set-default-project-file
C-c C-q f ada-find-file
C-c C-q g ada-gdb-application
C-c C-q l ada-find-local-references
C-c C-q o ff-find-other-file
C-c C-q r ada-run-application
C-c C-q t Prefix Command
C-c C-q u ada-prj-edit

C-c C-q t C-a ada-array
C-c C-q t C-e ada-elsif
C-c C-q t C-f ada-function-spec
C-c C-q t C-k ada-package-spec
C-c C-q t C-p ada-procedure-spec
C-c C-q t C-r ada-record
C-c C-q t C-s ada-subtype
C-c C-q t C-t ada-task-spec
C-c C-q t C-u ada-with
C-c C-q t C-v ada-private
C-c C-q t C-w ada-when
C-c C-q t C-x ada-exception
C-c C-q t C-y ada-type
C-c C-q t S ada-tabsize
C-c C-q t b ada-exception-block
C-c C-q t c ada-case
C-c C-q t d ada-declare-block
C-c C-q t e ada-else
C-c C-q t f ada-for-loop
C-c C-q t h ada-header
C-c C-q t i ada-if
C-c C-q t k ada-package-body
C-c C-q t l ada-loop
C-c C-q t p ada-subprogram-body
C-c C-q t t ada-task-body
C-c C-q t u ada-use
C-c C-q t w ada-while-loop
C-c C-q t x ada-exit