View-search-regexp-forward is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `view.el'.

(View-search-regexp-forward N REGEXP)

Search forward for first (or prefix Nth) occurrence of REGEXP in View mode.

Displays line found at center of window. Sets mark at starting position and
pushes mark ring.

Characters @ and ! are special at the beginning of REGEXP. They modify
the search rather than become part of the pattern searched for.
@ means search all the buffer i.e. start search at the beginning of buffer.
! means search for a line that contains no match for the pattern.
If REGEXP is empty or only consist of these control characters, then
an earlier remembered REGEXP is used, otherwise REGEXP is remembered
for use by later search commands.

The variable `view-highlight-face' controls the face that is used
for highlighting the match that is found.