Man-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `man.el'.


A mode for browsing Un*x manual pages.

The following man commands are available in the buffer. Try
"C-h k <key> RET" for more information:

M-x man Prompt to retrieve a new manpage.
M-x Man-follow-manual-reference Retrieve reference in SEE ALSO section.
M-x Man-next-manpage Jump to next manpage in circular list.
M-x Man-previous-manpage Jump to previous manpage in circular list.
M-x Man-next-section Jump to next manpage section.
M-x Man-previous-section Jump to previous manpage section.
M-x Man-goto-section Go to a manpage section.
M-x Man-goto-see-also-section Jumps to the SEE ALSO manpage section.
M-x Man-quit Deletes the manpage window, bury its buffer.
M-x Man-kill Deletes the manpage window, kill its buffer.
C-h m Prints this help text.

The following variables may be of some use. Try
"C-h v <variable-name> RET" for more information:

`Man-notify-method' What happens when manpage is ready to display.
`Man-downcase-section-letters-flag' Force section letters to lower case.
`Man-circular-pages-flag' Treat multiple manpage list as circular.
`Man-section-translations-alist' List of section numbers and their Un*x equiv.
`Man-filter-list' Background manpage filter command.
`Man-mode-map' Keymap bindings for Man mode buffers.
`Man-mode-hook' Normal hook run on entry to Man mode.
`Man-section-regexp' Regexp describing manpage section letters.
`Man-heading-regexp' Regexp describing section headers.
`Man-see-also-regexp' Regexp for SEE ALSO section (or your equiv).
`Man-first-heading-regexp' Regexp for first heading on a manpage.
`Man-reference-regexp' Regexp matching a references in SEE ALSO.
`Man-switches' Background `man' command switches.

The following key bindings are currently in effect in the buffer:
key binding
--- -------

TAB forward-button
RET man-follow
ESC Prefix Command
SPC scroll-up-command
- negative-argument
. beginning-of-buffer
0 .. 9 digit-argument
< beginning-of-buffer
> end-of-buffer
? describe-mode
g Man-goto-section
k Man-kill
m man
n Man-next-section
p Man-previous-section
q Man-quit
r Man-follow-manual-reference
s Man-goto-see-also-section
u Man-update-manpage
DEL scroll-down-command
S-SPC scroll-down-command
<backtab> backward-button
<remap> Prefix Command

M-n Man-next-manpage
M-p Man-previous-manpage

C-M-i backward-button