Info-mode is an interactive autoloaded compiled Lisp function in `info.el'.


Info mode provides commands for browsing through the Info documentation tree.
Documentation in Info is divided into "nodes", each of which discusses
one topic and contains references to other nodes which discuss related
topics. Info has commands to follow the references and show you other nodes.

h Invoke the Info tutorial.
q Quit Info: reselect previously selected buffer.

Selecting other nodes:
Follow a node reference you click on.
This works with menu items, cross references, and
the "next", "previous" and "up", depending on where you click.
RET Follow a node reference near point, like <mouse-2>.
n Move to the "next" node of this node.
p Move to the "previous" node of this node.
^ Move "up" from this node.
m Pick menu item specified by name (or abbreviation).
Picking a menu item causes another node to be selected.
d Go to the Info directory node.
< Go to the Top node of this file.
> Go to the final node in this file.
[ Go backward one node, considering all nodes as forming one sequence.
] Go forward one node, considering all nodes as forming one sequence.
TAB Move cursor to next cross-reference or menu item.
C-M-i Move cursor to previous cross-reference or menu item.
f Follow a cross reference. Reads name of reference.
l Move back in history to the last node you were at.
r Move forward in history to the node you returned from after using l.
L Go to menu of visited nodes.
T Go to table of contents of the current Info file.

Moving within a node:
SPC Normally, scroll forward a full screen.
Once you scroll far enough in a node that its menu appears on the
screen but after point, the next scroll moves into its first
subnode. When after all menu items (or if there is no menu),
move up to the parent node.
DEL Normally, scroll backward. If the beginning of the buffer is
already visible, try to go to the previous menu entry, or up
if there is none.
b Go to beginning of node.

Advanced commands:
s Search through this Info file for specified regexp,
and select the node in which the next occurrence is found.
S Search through this Info file for specified regexp case-sensitively.
C-s, C-M-s Use Isearch to search through multiple Info nodes.
i Search for a topic in this manual's Index and go to index entry.
, (comma) Move to the next match from a previous i command.
I Look for a string and display the index node with results.
M-x info-apropos Look for a string in the indices of all manuals.
g Move to node specified by name.
You may include a filename as well, as (FILENAME)NODENAME.
1 .. 9 Pick first ... ninth item in node's menu.
Every third `*' is highlighted to help pick the right number.
c Put name of current Info node in the kill ring.
M-n Select a new cloned Info buffer in another window.
C-u C-h i Move to new Info file with completion.
C-u N C-h i Select Info buffer with prefix number in the name *info*<N>.

This mode runs the hook `Info-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.