Info-goto-node is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `info.el'.

(Info-goto-node NODENAME &optional FORK STRICT-CASE)

Go to Info node named NODENAME. Give just NODENAME or (FILENAME)NODENAME.
If NODENAME is of the form (FILENAME)NODENAME, the node is in the Info file
FILENAME; otherwise, NODENAME should be in the current Info file (or one of
its sub-files).
Completion is available for node names in the current Info file as well as
in the Info file FILENAME after the closing parenthesis in (FILENAME).
Empty NODENAME in (FILENAME) defaults to the Top node.
If FORK is non-nil (interactively with a prefix arg), show the node in
a new Info buffer.
If FORK is a string, it is the name to use for the new buffer.

This function first looks for a case-sensitive match for the node part
of NODENAME; if none is found it then tries a case-insensitive match
(unless STRICT-CASE is non-nil).