Custom-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `cus-edit.el'.


Major mode for editing customization buffers.

The following commands are available:

Move to next button, link or editable field. TAB
Move to previous button, link or editable field. <S-tab>
Complete content of editable text field. C-M-i
Invoke button under the mouse pointer. <down-mouse-1>
Invoke button under point. M-x widget-button-press
Set all options from current text. C-c C-c
Make values in current text permanent. C-x C-s
Make text match actual option values. M-x Custom-reset-current
Reset options to permanent settings. M-x Custom-reset-saved
Erase customizations; set options
and buffer text to the standard values. M-x Custom-reset-standard

Entry to this mode calls the value of `Custom-mode-hook'
if that value is non-nil.