5x5-solve-rotate-left is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `5x5.el'.

(5x5-solve-rotate-left &optional N)

Rotate left by N the list of solutions in 5x5-solver-output.

If N is not supplied rotate by 1, that is to say put the last
element first in the list.

The 5x5 game has in general several solutions. For grid size=5,
there are 4 possible solutions. When function
`5x5-solve-suggest' (press `M-x 5x5-solve-suggest') is called the
solution that is presented is the one that needs least number of
strokes --- other solutions can be viewed by rotating through the
list. The list of solution is ordered by number of strokes, so
rotating left just after calling `5x5-solve-suggest' will show
the solution with second least number of strokes, while rotating
right will show the solution with greatest number of strokes.