org-export-options-alist is a variable defined in `ox.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Alist between export properties and ways to set them.

The CAR of the alist is the property name, and the CDR is a list

KEYWORD is a string representing a buffer keyword, or nil. Each
property defined this way can also be set, during subtree
export, through a headline property named after the keyword
with the "EXPORT_" prefix (i.e. DATE keyword and EXPORT_DATE
OPTION is a string that could be found in an #+OPTIONS: line.
DEFAULT is the default value for the property.
BEHAVIOR determines how Org should handle multiple keywords for
the same property. It is a symbol among:
nil Keep old value and discard the new one.
t Replace old value with the new one.
`space' Concatenate the values, separating them with a space.
`newline' Concatenate the values, separating them with
a newline.
`split' Split values at white spaces, and cons them to the
previous list.

Values set through KEYWORD and OPTION have precedence over

All these properties should be back-end agnostic. Back-end
specific properties are set through `org-export-define-backend'.
Properties redefined there have precedence over these.


((:author "AUTHOR" nil user-full-name t) (:creator "CREATOR" nil org-export-creator-string) (:date "DATE" nil nil t) (:description "DESCRIPTION" nil nil newline) (:email "EMAIL" nil user-mail-address t) (:exclude-tags "EXCLUDE_TAGS" nil org-export-exclude-tags split) (:headline-levels nil "H" org-export-headline-levels) (:keywords "KEYWORDS" nil nil space) (:language "LANGUAGE" nil org-export-default-language t) (:preserve-breaks nil "\\n" org-export-preserve-breaks) (:section-numbers nil "num" org-export-with-section-numbers) (:select-tags "SELECT_TAGS" nil org-export-select-tags split) (:time-stamp-file nil "timestamp" org-export-time-stamp-file) (:title "TITLE" nil nil space) (:with-archived-trees nil "arch" org-export-with-archived-trees) (:with-author nil "author" org-export-with-author) (:with-clocks nil "c" org-export-with-clocks) (:with-creator nil "creator" org-export-with-creator) (:with-date nil "date" org-export-with-date) (:with-drawers nil "d" org-export-with-drawers) (:with-email nil "email" org-export-with-email) (:with-emphasize nil "*" org-export-with-emphasize) (:with-entities nil "e" org-export-with-entities) (:with-fixed-width nil ":" org-export-with-fixed-width) (:with-footnotes nil "f" org-export-with-footnotes) (:with-inlinetasks nil "inline" org-export-with-inlinetasks) (:with-latex nil "tex" org-export-with-latex) (:with-planning nil "p" org-export-with-planning) (:with-priority nil "pri" org-export-with-priority) (:with-smart-quotes nil "'" org-export-with-smart-quotes) (:with-special-strings nil "-" org-export-with-special-strings) (:with-statistics-cookies nil "stat" org-export-with-statistics-cookies) (:with-sub-superscript nil "^" org-export-with-sub-superscripts) (:with-toc nil "toc" org-export-with-toc) (:with-tables nil "|" org-export-with-tables) (:with-tags nil "tags" org-export-with-tags) (:with-tasks nil "tasks" org-export-with-tasks) (:with-timestamps nil "<" org-export-with-timestamps) (:with-todo-keywords nil "todo" org-export-with-todo-keywords))