ebnf-eps-footer is a variable defined in `ebnf2ps.el'.
Its value is

Specify EPS footer.

The value should be a string, a symbol or nil.

String is inserted unchanged.

For symbol bounded to a function, the function is called and should return a
string. For symbol bounded to a value, the value should be a string.

If symbol is unbounded, it is silently ignored.

Empty string or nil mean that no footer will be generated.

Note that when the footer action comment (;F in EBNF syntax) is specified, the
string in the footer action comment is processed and, if it returns a non-empty
string, it's used to generate the footer. The footer action comment accepts
the following formats:

%% prints a % character.

%H prints the `ebnf-eps-header' (which see) value.

%F prints the `ebnf-eps-footer' value.

Any other format is ignored, that is, if, for example, it's used %s then %s
characters are stripped out from the footer. If footer action comment is an
empty string, no footer is generated until a non-empty footer is specified or
`ebnf-eps-footer' has a non-empty string value.

You can customize this variable.

This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in version 22 of Emacs.