cperl-mode-map is a variable defined in `cperl-mode.el'.
Its value is shown below.
  • This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.

Keymap used in CPerl mode.


(keymap (menu-bar keymap (Perl menu-item "Perl" (keymap "Perl" (Beginning\ of\ function menu-item "Beginning of function" beginning-of-defun) (End\ of\ function menu-item "End of function" end-of-defun) (Mark\ function menu-item "Mark function" mark-defun) (Indent\ expression menu-item "Indent expression" cperl-indent-exp) (Fill\ paragraph/comment menu-item "Fill paragraph/comment" fill-paragraph) (nil menu-item "----") (Line\ up\ a\ construction menu-item "Line up a construction" cperl-lineup :enable (cperl-use-region-p)) (Invert\ if/unless/while\ etc menu-item "Invert if/unless/while etc" cperl-invert-if-unless) (Regexp menu-item "Regexp" (keymap "Regexp" (Beautify menu-item "Beautify" cperl-beautify-regexp :enable cperl-use-syntax-table-text-property) (Beautify\ one\ level\ deep menu-item "Beautify one level deep" menu-function-296 :key-sequence nil :enable cperl-use-syntax-table-text-property) (Beautify\ a\ group menu-item "Beautify a group" cperl-beautify-level :enable cperl-use-syntax-table-text-property) (Beautify\ a\ group\ one\ level\ deep menu-item "Beautify a group one level deep" menu-function-297 :key-sequence nil :enable cperl-use-syntax-table-text-property) (Contract\ a\ group menu-item "Contract a group" cperl-contract-level :enable cperl-use-syntax-table-text-property) (Contract\ groups menu-item "Contract groups" cperl-contract-levels :enable cperl-use-syntax-table-text-property) (nil menu-item "----") (Find\ next\ interpolated menu-item "Find next interpolated" cperl-next-interpolated-REx :enable (next-single-property-change (point-min) 'REx-interpolated)) (Find\ next\ interpolated\ \(no\ //o\) menu-item "Find next interpolated (no //o)" cperl-next-interpolated-REx-0 :enable (or (text-property-any (point-min) (point-max) 'REx-interpolated t) (text-property-any (point-min) (point-max) 'REx-interpolated 1))) (Find\ next\ interpolated\ \(neither\ //o\ nor\ whole-REx\) menu-item "Find next interpolated (neither //o nor whole-REx)" cperl-next-interpolated-REx-1 :enable (text-property-any (point-min) (point-max) 'REx-interpolated t)))) (Insert\ spaces\ if\ needed\ to\ fix\ style menu-item "Insert spaces if needed to fix style" cperl-find-bad-style) (Refresh\ \"hard\"\ constructions menu-item "Refresh \"hard\" constructions" cperl-find-pods-heres) (nil-11 menu-item "----") (Indent\ region menu-item "Indent region" cperl-indent-region :enable (cperl-use-region-p)) (Comment\ region menu-item "Comment region" cperl-comment-region :enable (cperl-use-region-p)) (Uncomment\ region menu-item "Uncomment region" cperl-uncomment-region :enable (cperl-use-region-p)) (nil-15 menu-item "----") (Run menu-item "Run" mode-compile :enable (fboundp 'mode-compile)) (Kill menu-item "Kill" mode-compile-kill :enable (and (fboundp 'mode-compile-kill) (get-buffer "*compilation*"))) (Next\ error menu-item "Next error" next-error :enable (get-buffer "*compilation*")) (Check\ syntax menu-item "Check syntax" cperl-check-syntax :enable (fboundp 'mode-compile)) (nil-20 menu-item "----") (Debugger menu-item "Debugger" cperl-db) (nil-22 menu-item "----") (Tools menu-item "Tools" (keymap "Tools" (Imenu menu-item "Imenu" imenu :enable (fboundp 'imenu)) (Imenu\ on\ Perl\ Info menu-item "Imenu on Perl Info" cperl-imenu-on-info :enable (featurep 'imenu)) (nil menu-item "----") (Ispell\ PODs menu-item "Ispell PODs" cperl-pod-spell :enable (or (get-text-property (point-min) 'in-pod) (< (progn (and cperl-syntaxify-for-menu (cperl-update-syntaxification (point-max) (point-max))) (next-single-property-change (point-min) 'in-pod nil (point-max))) (point-max)))) (Ispell\ HERE-DOCs menu-item "Ispell HERE-DOCs" cperl-here-doc-spell :enable (< (progn (and cperl-syntaxify-for-menu (cperl-update-syntaxification (point-max) (point-max))) (next-single-property-change (point-min) 'here-doc-group nil (point-max))) (point-max))) (Narrow\ to\ this\ HERE-DOC menu-item "Narrow to this HERE-DOC" cperl-narrow-to-here-doc :enable (eq 'here-doc (progn (and cperl-syntaxify-for-menu (cperl-update-syntaxification (point) (point))) (get-text-property (point) 'syntax-type)))) (Select\ this\ HERE-DOC\ or\ POD\ section menu-item "Select this HERE-DOC or POD section" cperl-select-this-pod-or-here-doc :enable (memq (progn (and cperl-syntaxify-for-menu (cperl-update-syntaxification (point) (point))) (get-text-property (point) 'syntax-type)) '(here-doc pod))) (nil-7 menu-item "----") (CPerl\ pretty\ print\ \(experimental\) menu-item "CPerl pretty print (experimental)" cperl-ps-print :enable (fboundp 'ps-extend-face-list)) (nil-9 menu-item "----") (Syntaxify\ region menu-item "Syntaxify region" cperl-find-pods-heres-region :enable (cperl-use-region-p)) (Profile\ syntaxification menu-item "Profile syntaxification" cperl-time-fontification) (Debug\ errors\ in\ delayed\ fontification menu-item "Debug errors in delayed fontification" cperl-emulate-lazy-lock) (Debug\ unwind\ for\ syntactic\ scan menu-item "Debug unwind for syntactic scan" cperl-toggle-set-debug-unwind) (Debug\ backtrace\ on\ syntactic\ scan\ \(BEWARE!!!\) menu-item "Debug backtrace on syntactic scan (BEWARE!!!)" menu-function-298 :key-sequence nil) (nil-15 menu-item "----") (Class\ Hierarchy\ from\ TAGS menu-item "Class Hierarchy from TAGS" cperl-tags-hier-init) (Tags menu-item "Tags" (keymap "Tags" (Create\ tags\ for\ current\ file menu-item "Create tags for current file" menu-function-299 :key-sequence nil) (Add\ tags\ for\ current\ file menu-item "Add tags for current file" menu-function-300 :key-sequence nil) (Create\ tags\ for\ Perl\ files\ in\ directory menu-item "Create tags for Perl files in directory" menu-function-301 :key-sequence nil) (Add\ tags\ for\ Perl\ files\ in\ directory menu-item "Add tags for Perl files in directory" menu-function-302 :key-sequence nil) (Create\ tags\ for\ Perl\ files\ in\ \(sub\)directories menu-item "Create tags for Perl files in (sub)directories" menu-function-303 :key-sequence nil) (Add\ tags\ for\ Perl\ files\ in\ \(sub\)directories menu-item "Add tags for Perl files in (sub)directories" menu-function-304 :key-sequence nil))))) (Perl\ docs menu-item "Perl docs" (keymap "Perl docs" (Define\ word\ at\ point menu-item "Define word at point" imenu-go-find-at-position :enable (fboundp 'imenu-go-find-at-position)) (Help\ on\ function menu-item "Help on function" cperl-info-on-command) (Help\ on\ function\ at\ point menu-item "Help on function at point" cperl-info-on-current-command) (Help\ on\ symbol\ at\ point menu-item "Help on symbol at point" cperl-get-help) (Perldoc menu-item "Perldoc" cperl-perldoc) (Perldoc\ on\ word\ at\ point menu-item "Perldoc on word at point" cperl-perldoc-at-point) (View\ manpage\ of\ POD\ in\ this\ file menu-item "View manpage of POD in this file" cperl-build-manpage) (Auto-help\ on menu-item "Auto-help on" cperl-lazy-install :enable (and (fboundp 'run-with-idle-timer) (not cperl-lazy-installed))) (Auto-help\ off menu-item "Auto-help off" cperl-lazy-unstall :enable (and (fboundp 'run-with-idle-timer) cperl-lazy-installed)))) (Toggle\.\.\. menu-item "Toggle..." (keymap "Toggle..." (Auto\ newline menu-item "Auto newline" cperl-toggle-auto-newline) (Electric\ parens menu-item "Electric parens" cperl-toggle-electric) (Electric\ keywords menu-item "Electric keywords" cperl-toggle-abbrev) (Fix\ whitespace\ on\ indent menu-item "Fix whitespace on indent" cperl-toggle-construct-fix) (Auto-help\ on\ Perl\ constructs menu-item "Auto-help on Perl constructs" cperl-toggle-autohelp) (Auto\ fill menu-item "Auto fill" auto-fill-mode))) (Indent\ styles\.\.\. menu-item "Indent styles..." (keymap "Indent styles..." (CPerl menu-item "CPerl" menu-function-305 :key-sequence nil) (PerlStyle menu-item "PerlStyle" menu-function-306 :key-sequence nil) (GNU menu-item "GNU" menu-function-307 :key-sequence nil) (C++ menu-item "C++" menu-function-308 :key-sequence nil) (K&R menu-item "K&R" menu-function-309 :key-sequence nil) (BSD menu-item "BSD" menu-function-310 :key-sequence nil) (Whitesmith menu-item "Whitesmith" menu-function-311 :key-sequence nil) (Memorize\ Current menu-item "Memorize Current" menu-function-312 :key-sequence nil) (Memorized menu-item "Memorized" menu-function-313 :key-sequence nil :enable cperl-old-style))) (Micro-docs menu-item "Micro-docs" (keymap "Micro-docs" (Tips menu-item "Tips" menu-function-314 :key-sequence nil) (Problems menu-item "Problems" menu-function-315 :key-sequence nil) (Speed menu-item "Speed" menu-function-316 :key-sequence nil) (Praise menu-item "Praise" menu-function-317 :key-sequence nil) (Faces menu-item "Faces" menu-function-318 :key-sequence nil) (CPerl\ mode menu-item "CPerl mode" menu-function-319 :key-sequence nil) (CPerl\ version menu-item "CPerl version" menu-function-320 :key-sequence nil)))))) (9 . cperl-indent-command) (127 . cperl-electric-backspace) (27 keymap (28 . cperl-indent-region) (67108988 . cperl-lineup) (17 . cperl-indent-exp)) (3 keymap (8 keymap (118 . cperl-get-help) (102 . cperl-info-on-current-command) (70 . cperl-info-on-command) (80 . cperl-perldoc-at-point) (112 . cperl-perldoc) (97 . cperl-toggle-autohelp)) (25 . cperl-next-interpolated-REx-1) (24 . cperl-next-interpolated-REx-0) (22 . cperl-next-interpolated-REx) (14 . cperl-narrow-to-here-doc) (4 . cperl-here-doc-spell) (16 . cperl-pod-spell) (2 . cperl-find-bad-style) (5 . cperl-toggle-electric) (6 . auto-fill-mode) (23 . cperl-toggle-construct-fix) (11 . cperl-toggle-abbrev) (1 . cperl-toggle-auto-newline) (20 . cperl-invert-if-unless) (10 . cperl-linefeed)) (10 . newline-and-indent) (58 . cperl-electric-terminator) (59 . cperl-electric-semi) (41 . cperl-electric-rparen) (93 . cperl-electric-rparen) (125 . cperl-electric-brace) (60 . cperl-electric-paren) (40 . cperl-electric-paren) (91 . cperl-electric-paren) (123 . cperl-electric-lbrace))