byte-compile-macro-environment is a variable defined in `bytecomp.el'.
Its value is shown below.

Alist of macros defined in the file being compiled.
Each element looks like (MACRONAME . DEFINITION). It is
(MACRONAME . nil) when a macro is redefined as a function.


((declare-function . byte-compile-macroexpand-declare-function) (eval-when-compile . #[128 "\300C\301\302B\303\304\305\306\307!\310\"\311\312%\"\210\313\242D\207" [nil byte-compile-recurse-toplevel progn make-byte-code 257 "\300\301\302\303!!!\240\207" vconcat vector [byte-compile-eval byte-compile-top-level byte-compile-preprocess] 6 "\n\n(fn FORM)" quote] 10 "\n\n(fn &rest BODY)"]) (eval-and-compile . #[128 "\300\301B\302\"\207" [byte-compile-recurse-toplevel progn #[257 "\302\"\303 \"\210\211\207" [macroexpand-all-environment lexical-binding macroexpand-all eval] 5 "\n\n(fn FORM)"]] 4 "\n\n(fn &rest BODY)"]))