5x5-mode-menu is a variable defined in `5x5.el'.
Its value is shown below.

5x5 menu.


(keymap "5x5" (New\ game menu-item "New game" 5x5-new-game) (Random\ game menu-item "Random game" 5x5-randomize) (Quit\ game menu-item "Quit game" 5x5-quit-game) (nil-9 menu-item "---") (Use\ Calc\ solver menu-item "Use Calc solver" 5x5-solve-suggest) (Rotate\ left\ list\ of\ Calc\ solutions menu-item "Rotate left list of Calc solutions" 5x5-solve-rotate-left) (Rotate\ right\ list\ of\ Calc\ solutions menu-item "Rotate right list of Calc solutions" 5x5-solve-rotate-right) (nil-9-7 menu-item "---") (Crack\ randomly menu-item "Crack randomly" 5x5-crack-randomly) (Crack\ mutating\ current menu-item "Crack mutating current" 5x5-crack-mutating-current) (Crack\ mutating\ best menu-item "Crack mutating best" 5x5-crack-mutating-best) (Crack\ with\ xor\ mutate menu-item "Crack with xor mutate" 5x5-crack-xor-mutate))