tabulated-list-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `tabulated-list.el'.


Parent mode: `special-mode'.

Generic major mode for browsing a list of items.
This mode is usually not used directly; instead, other major
modes are derived from it, using `define-derived-mode'.

In this major mode, the buffer is divided into multiple columns,
which are labeled using the header line. Each non-empty line
belongs to one "entry", and the entries can be sorted according
to their column values.

An inheriting mode should usually do the following in their body:

- Set `tabulated-list-format', specifying the column format.
- Set `tabulated-list-revert-hook', if the buffer contents need
to be specially recomputed prior to `revert-buffer'.
- Maybe set a `tabulated-list-entries' function (see below).
- Maybe set `tabulated-list-printer' (see below).
- Maybe set `tabulated-list-padding'.
- Call `tabulated-list-init-header' to initialize `header-line-format'
according to `tabulated-list-format'.

An inheriting mode is usually accompanied by a "list-FOO"
command (e.g. `list-packages', `list-processes'). This command
creates or switches to a buffer and enables the major mode in
that buffer. If `tabulated-list-entries' is not a function, the
command should initialize it to a list of entries for displaying.
Finally, it should call `tabulated-list-print'.

`tabulated-list-print' calls the printer function specified by
`tabulated-list-printer', once for each entry. The default
printer is `tabulated-list-print-entry', but a mode that keeps
data in an ewoc may instead specify a printer function (e.g., one
that calls `ewoc-enter-last'), with `tabulated-list-print-entry'
as the ewoc pretty-printer.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode `special-mode' might have run,
this mode runs the hook `tabulated-list-mode-hook', as the final step
during initialization.

key binding
--- -------

TAB forward-button
ESC Prefix Command
SPC scroll-up-command
- negative-argument
0 .. 9 digit-argument
< beginning-of-buffer
> end-of-buffer
? describe-mode
S tabulated-list-sort
g revert-buffer
h describe-mode
n next-line
p previous-line
q quit-window
DEL scroll-down-command
S-SPC scroll-down-command
<backtab> backward-button
<follow-link> mouse-face
<mouse-2> mouse-select-window
<remap> Prefix Command

C-M-i backward-button