Emacs Online Documentation

An updated online documentation of ALL Emacs built-in functions and variables.

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Now with an Android App!

The app is free, and available here. It only requires internet permission (for accessing the doc strings in this website), so you should feel safe to use it. If you still don't trust me, here's the source code.

What is this?

This is not a copy of the Emacs manual, or the elisp reference.

This is a list of all functions, variables and faces defined in the latest Emacs version, with links to their respective built-in documentations. This documentation is the one you get by calling describe-function, describe-variable or describe-face.

Wait, so everything in here is already inside Emacs?

Yes, the information contained here is easily accessible from inside Emacs. In fact, it is generated directly from the latest stable version of Emacs.

Then what's the point?

The point is that this information wasn't available anywhere online. Many functions are documented in the elisp reference, and others are explained in the Emacs manual, but most weren't described anywhere at all.

By making it available here you can easily link to it from your geeky Emacs blog (see Endless Parentheses or lunarsite, for instance).

I frequently missed having this information at hand, because even when I'm away from the computer I'm usualy thinking about Emacs (obsessive, I know). That's why I decided to make it available somewhere outside Emacs.

Can I borrow this from you?

The information contained here is not mine, being a part of Emacs it is available under the GPL License. I didn't write these documentations, I simply generate the HTML pages and maintain this website.

If you want to use the HTML files for something, download links are below, but please reference where you got them.

I found a missing/buggy/outdated page, how do I help?

Thanks a lot for the help. Just open an issue here on github.